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Ritchie Farrell is a bestselling author, WGA screenwriter, motivational speaker, recovering addict and domestic abuse survivor. The Fighter, the Academy Award feature film based on Farrell’s HBO Film, High on Crack Street, was released in 2011 and starred Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Farrell playing himself. Ritchie is currently the host of a weekly talk show on Boston BNN-TV, The Exit Team, an organization working in partnership with non-profits to challenge and solve complex social issues--trauma, addiction, sexual abuse, and domestic violence--through education, advocacy, collaboration...and an entertaining television series.

Matt Roy is a music therapist who discovered that music could help him through difficult times in his life. As he fine-tuned his gifts for playing music, he learned that music therapy could be an opportunity for him to share his gifts with others to help improve their lives. He provides his music therapy to children who struggle with behavioral and developmental issues. Thank you for watching, please subscribe and ring the bell for notifications. We welcome your feedback, please post a comment and tell us what you think.

First Sergeant Erik Hansen's healthy response to the long-term impact of combat was to Skate for the 22 soldiers who are lost each day to suicide. He joined the Skate for the 22 Foundation which gives Veterans an outlet to create new bonds and camaraderie, as well as bringing awareness to the Veterans suffering from mental health issues.

Jeffrey "Doc" Stewart is a licensed interventionist, paramedic and veteran who focuses on serving individuals struggling with addiction and trauma within public safety sector. Doc emphasizes a model of support consisting of prevention, intervention, treatment and supportive services. He shares his insights as well as the turning point in his life where he decided to devote himself to saving lives before the call to 911.

Robbie is an Air Force Veteran, coach, father and a full fledged Stigma Stomper! His battle with mental illness has inspired him to become an advocate for others suffering with mental health problems. He is making it his mission to stomp the stigma around mental illness, and facilitate greater discussion and awareness surrounding mental health by sharing his story with others.

Reverend Cate Sementa is a counselor, radio host and interfaith minister. She has overcome trauma and addiction to find her calling of spreading the message of love and helping others with their recovery. Her story is an incredible journey of personal realization.

Joe Durham is a Marine Veteran and former gang unit officer who was wounded in the line of duty. He lost nine fellow Marines on a deployment to Iraq that he could not be part of due to his medical condition. Throughout his recovery, Joe struggled with PTSD and multiple surgeries. His positive attitude and can do spirit have fueled his determination to grow and move forward. Joe is now completing his masters degree, raising his son and working as a behavioral analyst in a group home for autistic children.

After he made the decision to end his life, Army veteran Keith Howard had a moment of clarity. He realized that his life was precious, and he needed to find a way to keep going. His struggles with drugs, alcohol, and homelessness miraculously lead him to the VA hospital where he received treatment, and gave him the opportunity to turn his life around. Today he is the executive director for "Hope for New Hampshire Recovery," and he is giving back to world in ways he never could have imagined.

First trafficked by deception and fraud and then held captive by psychological manipulation, Jasmine Grace Marino was in and out of the Life for almost twelve years. It was a life of darkness and utter hopelessness, followed by addiction and trauma. She had nearly given up on life when faith gave her a second chance. Now an author, speaker and founder of an outreach program for at risk women, Jasmine is creating awareness around the commercial sex trade industry and helping those trapped in the Life find their way out.

Colin Cook, 12x Ironman finisher and 4x Ironman World Championship (Kona, Hawaii) qualifier and finisher, gives a candid portrait of his journey from a blackout "weekend warrior" to a dedicated coach and fitness recovery expert. He specializes in the use of cutting-edge technology to treat injury, illness and fatigue.

After experiencing a severe compound fracture competing in a Tough Mudder adventure race, Miriam Talamini never imagined she would have to decide whether or not to keep her leg.  Watch as she shares her journey to recovery and the most difficult decision she’s ever had to make.

Brian Templeton traded the booze for the blues, and gained a new found freedom as a farmer and soulful front man.  He shares his story, his music, and his grace from the recovery he pursued.

A deeply emotional portrayal of a soldier who returned home suffering with PTSD.  Eric Grandon found peace through agriculture and now carries the message of recovery to other suffering veterans through his work offering free beekeeping courses.

Walter Dunbar is a Boston EMS first responder who was on scene for the Boston Marathon terrorist attack.  He found running as a way to channel the pain and trauma of this experience into hope and inspiration, and he shares this with fellow first responders and the world.

Doug Farrell, musician and recovered alcoholic, shares his journey and experience with music, spirit, and recovery.