We are Recovery Media

We are Recovery Media

Recovery narratives are an effective healing art medium that support individual development by virtue of the shared human experience transmitted through each story.

People who turn their tragedy into triumph inspire others to do the same. When the recovered individual details how they turned their mess into their message it transmits hope, and hope heals.

The RecoverYdia platform will provide an online community for those who suffer in isolation from a multitude of behavioral health issues such as trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. Subscribers can search through hundreds of relevant videos and find the storyteller who tells the viewer’s story, prompts them to reach out for help, and eventually inspires them to help others.


Randy Pierce—founder of the charitable organization 2020 Vision Quest—is an entrepreneur, adventurer and philanthropist. Randy is also totally blind. Always embodying the 2020 Vision Quest theme of “Achieve a Vision Beyond Your Sight,” he has continually forged ahead to experience an amazing variety of adventures and accomplishments—all part of the impactful story he shares here.


"Our lowest point is our greatest gift"

-Doug Farrel

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"Hope is created out of nothing"

-Walter Dunbar