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10,000 Candles for New Hampshire

  • Greeley Park Concord St Nashua, NH United States (map)



10,000 Candles for New Hampshire is a statewide event coordinated in as many cities and towns throughout New Hampshire as possible, with the center event at Greeley Park in Nashua, NH. Communities throughout the state will bind together through a live video simulcast that will be broadcast through social media.

In the 8 months leading up to the event, RecoverYdia will conduct outreach to engage volunteers throughout the state in an effort to build the messaging that will appear during the event. Interviews and video demonstrating the community in action to develop and organize the event will be shared, along with pictures gathered of those lost to suicide and addiction. Those who were lost will be remembered on 10,000 candles for New Hampshire Day as we remind ourselves that we've survived.


The vision is to create an ongoing annual campaign that binds communities throughout the state together to reduce the number of individuals lost to suicide and addiction to zero. 

The event is constructed around the messaging of human connection inserted into the collective conscious repeatedly, fostering an environment of togetherness and the notion that human connection is vital to maintain a healthy society.




Recent research demonstrates that our society is living in the loneliest time in history. Where we once banded together in tribes and community, more of us seek a life of isolation where we attempt to meet our human needs for connection through technology, but fail to obtain the fulfillment we once had with community. While we've eschewed the community for the screen, the screen has not yet been developed to meet our unmet human needs that are inherent when we participate in groups, tribes, community, and society in a way that gives us a sense that we are valued.


As we drift from the whole of the tribe, the feelings of anxiety and depression are increased. As a society we are fortunate to marshal the power of technology to enhance most facets of our lives, but in many cases the side effect is isolation. Current research shows that this phenomenon is creating significant negative impacts on mental health.


Our goal is to raise awareness that anxiety, depression, substance misuse and suicide can form as a cluster, and the opposite of this societal condition is connection. Connection is what the world looks like when individuals realize that they have value derived by their role in community. The community is where they are loved, hold a sense of purpose and can understand a future for themselves.



When: Thursday, August 29th 2019 from 8:00pm-9:30pm